What Do I Want To Knit?
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I will admit that I am not your average knitter: I don’t follow patterns; I don’t knit gifts (very often); and, I don’t knit accessories (unless I need a sample for the shop). I like to knit sweaters - sweaters that I can wear. But I also like fashion, so I want that sweater to be something you would see in Nordstrom’s or Vogue (the fashion magazine).

The problem is I’m not 30 years old. In fact, I’m twice that! So knitting something fashionable takes quite a bit of creativity to make it fit comfortably and look attractive on me. So any design that I see needs a few changes right from the start

First, the yarn needs to be:

-   light weight - DK or sport are best;

-   a blend, even though I live in Michigan (again, that age thing), because 100% wool is out of the question, no matter what the weight; and

-   luxurious...I’m just spoiled.

Second, the design needs:

-   enough “ease” to hide the obvious figure flaws caused by advanced age; and

-   to be stylish, because I still look out of 30 yr. old eyes (words from my wise Mother-in-Law).

I’ll bet I’m not alone in this thinking, and that you agree - at least in part - to what I’ve said.


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