So How Does A Custom Pattern From Knit Fit Couture Help Me?
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First, I get to choose the weight of the yarn. If I lived in Saskatchewan, a chunky alpaca merino blend would be wonderful! But if I lived in Newport Beach, a silky rayon blend is about all I could handle in January.

Second, the pattern would be written for MY measurements! That’s a great benefit! So, the pattern would be written to fit me. And, that means ME - not a range of measurements (like 36-40) that includes 4 inches of ease at the bottom of the range and no ease at the top.

Third, which brings me to ease, I decide how loosely or tightly the finished sweater will fit. If I am knitting for my beautiful, 23 year old niece, I will knit a fitted sweater because she can wear that. For me, I will add 1 ½ inches to a fitted sweater, but more likely, I will add 3 inches just to make sure the sweater is comfortable for my casual lifestyle.

The Knit Fit library of patterns are written for you to enter the measurements and define the level of ease that are uniquely yours. The pattern you purchase is also uniquely yours. And it will fit, exactly as you requested. And THAT”S what is means to knit a custom Pattern!


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