The Measure Of Oneself: A Guide To What Is
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There is a time in one's life when everything changes.  For some of us, this change happens when a life event throws us into uncertainty unexpectedly: a move to a new state, the death of a loved one or a marriage for that matter. We struggle in the aftermath to survive under new circumstances. A circle of friends we once relied on is now broken perhaps, or the routine of our life is greatly altered.  Maybe the change doesn't have to be that drastic. Maybe we are just getting older and noticing that life used to seem more fulfilling, or we used to be more useful.

But for ALL of us, it will undoubtedly come when we reach a certain age. Some of us will cling desperately to a younger vision of self, but those who live near us see the changes happening regardless of our self-deluding blindness. The reality is that we are probably an evolving and different person than  who we were and still see as ourselves.

In my world, this is a particularly puzzling and problematic reality. You see, I like to knit clothing: not just hats, scarves and fingerless mittens; not a generic cardigan or sweeping shawl; but up-to-date, fitted and luxurious fashion! So I search through the latest glitzy magazines and catalogs for the newest shapes and details, colors and textures until I find that one detail that sparks a creative fire. I pick up one of my stashed treasures and start to knit. Now, I do knit my gauge swatch using several sizes of knitting needle to test the fabric created. I measure, I calculate, and I cast on!

Mind you, I am WELL aware of my hip measurement. And I do my best to measure whatever other body dimensions necessary to complete my project. But the initial product usually has a very different outcome than my vision. It is too small, way bigger than I thought it should be, or otherwise just doesn't look as sleek and chic as the photograph in Vogue's Fall Fashion bible. Undeterred, I rip it out, rethink my goal, re-measure and cast on...again.

We'll get back to that “life-change” thing in other blog entries, but for now let's start working on taking the measure of our body. In the next few installments, I will show you how to take the true measure of your body so that the garment that you knit will fit you. We will cover the basics, and eventually, we will also think about what styles will fit best given the reality of our current selves.

For our next installment, you will need:

  • A 3-ring binder
  • A means to print PDF files
  • A measuring tape
  • Pencil

AND, it would be really helpful to partner with a good friend


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