How We Got Here

Inspired by the opportunity to support brick-and-mortar retail with an innovative approach to knitting and designing sweaters, Jane Nickerson founded Knit Fit to reinvigorate her yarn business. She saw many local yarn shops, including her own, struggle to cover expenses selling 1 and 2 skein projects and to stay competitive with a growing online marketplace.

At the same time, yarn producers and wholesalers were also struggling to stay competitive with more online yarn superstores selling their products at a discount and putting their local yarn shops out of business.

The idea of Knit Fit has grown from Jane's 30+ years as a knitter, designer and knit shop owner. Having seen her customers and friends repeat her own early experiences, spending countless hours knitting a sweater only to have it fit poorly, Jane decided to use her knowledge to create a new approach to knitting a sweater. In 2015, she began writing patterns that could be customized as the knitter progressed through the pattern, but the math involved intimidated most knitters. She asked her husband, Dana, to help her create a program that would use measurements entered by the knitter to create a custom pattern. In September of 2016, Knit Fit was launched to bring the custom pattern generator technology to knitters and designers worldwide

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What we stand for

Our goal is to build success into every aspect of the knitting community. We believe that by pairing technology and the human element we can improve the knitting experience and encourage more knitters to produce beautiful, handknit sweaters. Knit Fit adds a personal touch to the online retail experience, helping you achieve an effortless and gratifying shopping and knitting experience.