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Connect with knitters and designers everywhere

Who invented sitting in a circle, munching on snacks, and chatting for hours? Knitters did! Share photos and progress, join knit alongs, chat with friends near and far, or just post endless close-ups of your cat!

Check your patterns on-the-go from your mobile device

You can take your knitting everywhere, and KnitFit App makes patterns fully mobile optimized so you can navigate them easily on small screens.

Personalized sizing for every single pattern

KnitFit takes the measurements you put into it and uses equations developed by an actual knitting-math magician to generate a custom pattern for your unique shape. Let's do the math on this: technology + body positivity = loving ourselves better.

Skip the modifications math and get knitting

No one loves knitting math more than we do, but sometimes knitters just want to knit. Store your measurements and those of others, save your favorite modifications and add them to any pattern, and cast on with confidence!

Curated, high-quality pattern library

Knitting a garment can take months, so trusting that you have a top quality, well written, and easily accessible pattern by your side makes all the difference during the journey.

Time-saving features for designers at every level

Free up more time to spend on the creative aspects of designing, eliminating the math gymnastics and endless spreadsheet gazing so you can get to the next step! Sign up here.

Yarn substitution options empower knitting for different climates

KnitFit empowers yarn substitution for climate or body temperature—it makes the necessary calculations based on your gauge swatch and fiber choice, integrating it into your pattern.

New features coming soon:

We’re building KnitFit like a sweater—loop by loop….by loop. Here are some of our upcoming loops:

  • -Tools to help users easily list and sell items from their stashes
  • -Tutorials for complicated or little known techniques
  • -Infrastructure for advanced knitters to offer paid classes through KnitFit
  • -Support for LYS, yarn companies, indie dyers, and knitting tool suppliers to offer yarn directly through the app
  • -Private groups
  • -Direct messaging
  • -Advanced search functionality

  • Do you have ideas of features you would love to see? Let us know here.

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    Curated, high-quality pattern library

    We offer a wide range of diverse, unique, and beautiful styles that we feel our knitting community will find interesting and entertaining to knit. Knitting a garment can take months, so trusting that you have a top quality, well written, and easily accessible pattern by your side makes all the difference during the journey.

    KnitFit only accepts patterns from designers if they have clear, concise, unambiguous directions, and all patterns are professionally edited and reviewed.

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