Test Knit Application

Currently Testing:

Summer Breeze | KnitFit™ Custom Pattern | Subtle Shaping feature

Testing Timeframe: July – September

How it works

As we're testing a custom sized pattern, this test knit involves a few moving parts

In this test knit, we are testing not only the Summer Breeze custom pattern itself, but a new feature in the app, Subtle Shaping. For this test knit, we’ll be taking in your measurements and then sending you your custom pattern as a pdf, which we will generate using the new Subtle Shaping feature.

This will be an exciting test knit as it should help us to refine the Subtle Shaping feature and provide all app users and knitters with even better fitting garments for all sizes!

1. Test knitter application

You’ll get an email from us after submitting the form below to confirm whether we need you on this test knit. If you are accepted, we will share a measurements form, swatching instructions, and yarn estimation charts. We’re looking for a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but only accepting ten applicants so we can provide plenty of support to all testers.

2. Submit measurements and gauge

You will use the yarn estimation charts to figure out how much yarn you will need for your custom sized pattern based on your size. Then you’ll knit a test swatch to determine your gauge. After this you can submit your gauge to us along with your body measurements and desired ease for your future garment.

3. Custom pattern generation

Using your gauge and your measurements, we will generate a custom pattern for you and send it your way!

Test knitter application

Fill out the form below to apply to test knit!

We’re looking for a wide range of sizes but are keeping the test knit small. If you aren’t picked for this test knit, we’ll keep you on our list and reach out when we do another!